Privacy Policy

We all hate trackers and ads, including me. I use privacy-focused and open-source software every day: Brave, Bitwarden, Pop! OS, etc.


This site uses privacy-focused Cloudflare Web Analytics. They don’t store any data on your browser (cookies, localStorage). They don’t “fingerprint” your IP address and User-Agent. Learn more about Cloudflare Web Analytics.


At the time of writing, Cloudflare uses the __cfduid cookie on this site. Its purpose is to detect bots, not to track you. Starting on May 10, 2021, they will stop adding the __cfduid cookie, and the last cookie will expire after 30 days. Learn more about the __cfduid cookie deprecation.

Personal Data

When you post a comment, your information (including your name, email, IP address, and Gravatar profile picture) will be stored on our server. This information is only used to fight spam. Only your name and your Gravatar profile picture will be shown publicly and viewable by other visitors.


I will NEVER put intrusive ads on this site. It’s annoying and hurts the site’s performance.

Last updated: April 8, 2021