Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over The World?

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Originally written by Brian for an English assignment.

TL;DR: Not in the near future, at least. In the meantime, you should learn modern skills.

My Experience With Artificial Intelligence

Even though I’m not a professional AI researcher, I have some experience with AI. Back in January, I trained artificial intelligence to solve bot’s greatest enemy, also called CAPTCHA. CAPTCHA is a test to tell humans and computers apart, commonly found in apps and websites. It did pretty well most of the time.

The Better Artificial Intelligence

What about a bigger, better AI? Recently, a research company OpenAI released its third-generation AI, GPT-3, short for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3. That isn’t good, as the AI can write legitimate news articles. The side effects include spams, hoaxes, and fraudulent essays.

With eighty percent accuracy, this new AI can replace human tasks. Research shows that GPT-3 can design websites, complete spreadsheets, and write stories and songs.

GPT-3 Layout Generator


I don’t believe that an AI takeover, like in the movie Terminator, will ever happen. But I do believe that AI and robots will assist humans. 

Artificial intelligence and robots are not evil. They help us, even when you don’t see them. They help doctors detect cancer, set up our social media recommendations, sort our photos, and save our time.

What about our job, human’s job? How will AI affect our job? As I said earlier, think of them as our assistant. Instead of doing surgery, doctors in the future will learn to control a surgical robot. Instead of driving a car, taxi drivers will supervise a self-driving car. This kind of AI can reduce human errors, especially on repetitive tasks. 

Be Ready

In conclusion, you should prepare for the next industrial revolution. Whether you’re ready or not, it’s coming in less than 20 years. Learn some new skills, invest in education, and prepare for the new digital world.


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