Giving Away My reCAPTCHA Dataset

  As the title said, I will be giving away thousands of reCAPTCHA images dataset, since I don't use it often. This dataset was also used in my previous project, solving reCAPTCHA automatically. The dataset consists of the most popular 3x3 reCAPTCHA , including bicycle, bridge, bus, car, crosswalk, hydrant, mountain or hill, palm, etc. It also includes the "Other" folder, which consists of images that are not classified or random objects. Preview: Large (11.000 images, 400 MB): GitHub Project Ideas Feel free to create anything with the dataset. Here are some project ideas: reCAPTCHA solver (I built this before, check this post ). Generate new CAPTCHA images. Image classification, mainly for vehicle-related (cars, bus, traffic light, crosswalk, etc) images. Note Using copyrighted materials without permission from the owner (Google) is illegal. However, you can use it for educational purposes (Fair Use). Thanks for reading. I hope you can build a successful pr
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